About Us


Almond Education, established by MUBEECA CM, is an esteemed educational institution was started in 2023 and associated with CEED INTERNATIONAL, (which is an ISO certified and excellent online and offline platform established in 2019 for providing numerous training, counselling, career development, language development programmes). With a strong focus on online courses, Almond Education has successfully provided a comprehensive range of 150 courses to help individuals unlock their true potential and achieve their educational goals. 

Purpose and goals

At Almond Education, our purpose is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing world. We are committed to delivering high-quality online courses that are accessible to anyone, anywhere, regardless of their background or location.


Our main goal is to create a platform that fosters lifelong learning and personal growth. By offering a diverse range of courses, we aim to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of our students, enabling them to enhance their capabilities and broaden their horizons.



Introduction To The Team

Behind Almond Education’s success story is a dynamic team led by founder MUBEEBA CM. MUBEENA, a young and visionary lady of 25 years, has been instrumental in shaping the institution into what it is today. Her dedication, perseverance, and passion for education have been the driving force behind the success of Almond Education.

MUBEENA is supported and inspired by her husband, RANEESH, who has played an integral role in the institution’s growth. Together, they form a formidable team that is committed to providing top-notch education to all. Together, they form a dynamic partnership that propels our mission forward. Their shared commitment extends to their delightful family, including their cherished daughter, YARA NOOR.

In addition to MUBEENA and RANEESH, Almond Education cherishes the support and guidance of MUBEENA‘s parents, MUHAMMED and NADHEERA. Their wisdom and experience have been instrumental in shaping the institution’s core values of excellence, integrity, and inclusivity.